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including fan art, fan fiction, and anything else based on something you're a fan of
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"I thought it was bad as a kid and I think it's bad now.
It had some clever dialogue and themes, but that was all destroyed by the voice actors completely overacting their parts no matter what they were saying, and the animators insisting that everything be drawn in the most bizarre and wacky way possible and take up the entire screen.
"Half of the jokes were 'this one's for the adults LOL' bulls*** that kids would only laugh at to feel more mature about themselves. The rest of the jokes were basically 'oh, look, something gross happened and now Rocko's brain is popping out!'
"The theme song was terrible and the background music was grating and never corresponded with whatever was happening on screen. Seriously, it's like they just picked random jazz tracks for each episode.
"Every character was either pitiful or some angry rear end in a top hat.
Ren & Stimpy was the superior cartoon."
-pure hate review from anonymous user

Okay, I am seriously tired of all this shallow and relentless hatred for the Rocko's Modern Life series. I am also tired of the show being so phenomenally OVERHYPED BY ITS FREAKING FANBASE (including myself), but that's beside the point. The purpose behind this article is for me to try to ignore the haters and present to you my honest opinion of RML and determine the true reasons why I became so obsessed with the series.

RML is quite possibly the most polarizing love-it-or-hate-it show in kids' show history. It's basically South Park for kids. Not quite meant for children yet not quite meant for adults, it is a must-watch series for young adults who feel that they would personally enjoy it. If you're looking for a darker and edgier version of Spongebob, look no further. As Sandy Cheeks once stated: "Land animals are better than sea creatures." (No offense to any Spongebob fans out there; I'm sure there are many).

Soaked in a thick broth made out of subliminal messages, spiced with a rather inventively copious portion of adult humor, decorated with pop-culture references, saturated with satire, and somehow still rated TV-Y, RML is quite the interesting dish, with some really impressive moral lessons to boot. Basically, this show's message is that although life is going to suck, you can still make it if you try.

Despite its somewhat second-rate art style, incredibly overdone and often pointless gross-out humor, and quite frankly its obnoxious theme song(s), RML is a truly solid show at its core. By kids' cartoon standards, it is actually quite possibly the greatest show ever created.

With absolutely brilliant writing and an incredibly unique and misunderstood sense of humor, RML follows the insanely dramatized daily exploits of a lovably charming and adorable young wallaby named Rocko. Just like Spongebob, he could be considered older than he looks (Rocko is actually 20 years old in the series, and yet, since he's a wallaby, he's only three feet tall. People often mistake him for an anthropomorphic dog).

Of course, he's not the only character. He has two major best friends; Heffer (the cliched fat idiot character; fascinatingly, he's a steer that was literally raised by a family of wolves) and Filburt (the cliched stereotypical socially-retarded ambiguously-gay Jewish nerd; he has a snarky attitude and I'm pretty convinced that he's a perv).

Then of course there's the Bigheads, the couple that lives nextdoor to Rocko. Mr. Bighead is an evil version of Squidward; he is mean, hateful, rude, old, ugly, selfish, and a menace to nearly everyone around him, plus he works for an evil company and has an incredibly hammy opera-singer voice. Mrs. Bighead is an overly sentimental and overprotective woman with an incredibly awkward old-woman voice. Both of these characters are very entertaining when given the opportunity.

Their son, Ralph Bighead, is the most interesting character in the show apart from Rocko himself; he is a direct fursona of Joe Murray (RML's creator).

Ralph is the creator of a long-running animated show called "The Fatheads", and after he cancels the show, he employs Rocko, Heffer and Filburt to create a new show called "Wacky Delly" in hopes that it will get him fired. The show is so awful that the American public mistakes it for high art and it becomes unimaginably popular. Ralph tries and fails many times to sabotage the show, and when he finally tries to make the show good, it immediately gets cancelled.

This story is told through two of the greatest episodes of the entire RML series, most notably "Wacky Delly".

Even Rocko's dog Spunky has a pair of parasites named Bloaty and Squirmy living on him, a duo that gets the spotlight in a few deliberately sitcom-esque gross-out episodes.

This show dealt with many interesting themes, had everything from gross-out humor to political satire, and had the unique power to brilliantly and amazingly speak directly to me about life through a warped, cartoonified and satirized mirror of the real world. That, along with the fact that the main character reminded me so much of myself (I highly suspect that he even has autism just like me), is what got me so hooked on the show.

In conclusion, long live RML. The best Nicktoon of all time. No offense to R&S, but I honestly vastly preferred this show overall. 91/100

THEME SONG: 60/100
HUMOR: 99/100
WRITING: 90/100
SOUND: 85/100
ART STYLE: 75/100

EXCELLENT SHOW! If you claim to be into this type of thing, you owe it to yourself to check this series out. Enough said. This is xandermartin98, signing out.
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